Day 108 and 109: Three Signs

Fun note: At my German Wheel instructor‘s request, I’ve posted my All-Time Favorite Science Fiction book list. You’ll love at least a few of these, I promise.

So the last few soft-landing days of SP158 happened to match the long weekend. Time to disappear for a while.


We’re not that far from civilization; this place actually has a small train running through it. We push aside the kids and get some good seats.


There’s a lake with a big sign reading “NO BOATING ALLOWED” with a lot of boats on it. Clearly the people who made the sign are on vacation somewhere else.


Last time we were causing trouble with Ashley and Scott was 92 miles North of here, and there was a Pig Auction and some drinking going on.

Today we’re hunting monkeys. It’s a big park, and they move fast, but you can find them if you know where to look.


Scott’s just about got one cornered.


I know this sign is serious, but I have visions of a Monty Python skit involving a doorway with a button on it that says “Please do not press.”   Goooooosh.


It was a good monkey hunting day. Scott and Ashley bagged one, and are heading home to cook it.


About halfway home, the car malfunctions and goes out of control, skidding to a stop in front of a sign that says “Kitten Adoption Today.” Someone’s decided to get a kitten taco, to go.

Okay, so she’s kind of cute. So what.

She goes home with the monkey, not with us. Whew, that was close.

There’s a bunch of extra time for secret plans and garden work.

DSCN2239 DSCN2292

I hadn’t imagined the last days of summer could be this excellent.


Random assertion: Every time you look for a kitten to take home, you’ll find the perfect one. The thing is, they keep making more.

Steganographic data: 1818/5.0

Days remaining in Secret Plan 158: 1

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