Day 78: Tree Urchins

Remember last week when we used a bunch of children to harvest plums? Those kids all escaped, so we had to get some more this week. Are there still plums in the tree? Um, is there still sand on the beach? Up the ladder, ya scurvy urchins. After that ye’ll walk the plank. This should all look familiar by now. The kids do all the work in the plum mines and don’t have any fun at all, while he adults have a pleasant summer party. Brilliant. She’s got a sweet smile and some cold beer. I’m in love. At about … Continue reading Day 78: Tree Urchins

Day 72: Plum Day

Harvesting plums is a lot of work, so today we bought some children. The price was reasonable, and included a free dog. We made them work all day, and gave them nothing at all to eat. (Unless you count the french toast breakfast we cooked for the whole crew.) The first part of the day was spent harvesting plums. > Oh no, not the plum mines! Quiet you. Back to work. No, you can’t have a ladder. One of the crew nearly started a plum fight. Once they had collected enough, the harvest had to be hauled 18 miles from … Continue reading Day 72: Plum Day

Day 71: Grass Valley

About halfway between Sacramento and Reno, there’s a place called Grass Valley. When life’s too crazy, and you’re ready to be surrounded by mountains and trees and music and friendly dogs and good food, this is the place you’re looking for. Look out. The dogs are friendly, but they’re wet. I’m lucky to have family in Grass Valley, and today is my Aunt Betty Rae’s birthday party. They told us not to bring anything, and we’re ignoring them. There are just too many plums. My muse sends me to get 25 of them so she can make one of her … Continue reading Day 71: Grass Valley

Day 65: Plums and a Guitar Pick

There’s a very old plum tree in our yard, which produces excellent and tasty golden plums. Last year, the tree produced so many plums that we made 80 jars of jam before we decided to stop. This year it looks like there are almost twice as many. That’s just trouble. Next weekend is Plum Day! We’re going to invite nieces and nephews over and out them to work. Today my muse and I are doing a private mini plum-day, just making a few jars from some plums which are ready. Picking the plums is easy. The tree throws them at … Continue reading Day 65: Plums and a Guitar Pick

Day 35: Plums and the Salt House

My muse is working from home today, so I spend the day around the house as well, mostly working on the irrigation robots in the yard. Remember I mentioned Plum Day was coming? Check this out. They almost look like bunches of grapes, but they’re massive clusters of ripening plums. When the day comes, we might invite a bunch of the nieces and nephews over and let them help (read: run amok). It’s hot today (92 in the city), so the cats are training for the day when synchronized napping becomes an olympic event. Late at night it’s still 82 … Continue reading Day 35: Plums and the Salt House