Day 94: Sketchy Camera Placement

Most of today is spent in acrobat training, doing my best to collect broken bones and scars, or at least get very very tired.

First I talk to my instructor for some new skills and pointers. He’s so glad I’m wearing a helmet.

Gentle reminder: Do not attempt acrobatic activity without professional instruction and safety equipment, or you will die.

For warmup, I’m doing the same monkey-work as last time, except I’ve very carefully set the camera in a place where I should be able to roll over it without shattering it into a thousand pieces. Let’s see how it went.

I actually went just a little crooked. I don’t think I’ll try that one again, it wasn’t the best idea ever.

The next skill involves learning to control the very heavy wheel when it’s moving quickly. Obviously the point is to have my feet off the ground, but I’m still working up to that. Once again, the idea is to control the wheel well enough that it doesn’t crush the camera.

Wow, that one is a lot of work. My brother is clearly having me do it because he hates me.

…and now it’s time to get you a little dizzy. Yep, your turn.

Not the best camera handling, I know. Still, it’s almost got a little 2001: A Space Odyssey thing going on.

Random assertion: Gravity is not a force. It’s an interaction between matter and spacetime which gives the appearance of acceleration where there is none. You can choose to ignore it altogether, but have some ice and aspirin handy.

Steganographic data: 1814/5.8

4 thoughts on “Day 94: Sketchy Camera Placement

  1. Well, I watched and at the end went Yaah very loudly – it’s an old habit reinforced by watching the recent Olympics. Mom

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