Day 63: Chautauqua and Motorcycles

If Dad’s in trouble, it’s a good bet that either Chuck or Russ is involved. Russ works with Mom and Dad, and he’s one of those scientists with contagious love and enthusiasm for his work. He studies and teaches a variety of different subjects, and his grin shows an understanding that they’re all connected. And if your truck breaks down in the middle of the desert, I hear he’s a wizard with baling wire and duct tape. In 2004 while on a research trip, Russ, Mom and Dad discovered a woolly mammoth skull buried in a cliff in Baja. It’s … Continue reading Day 63: Chautauqua and Motorcycles

Day 8,9,10: A hiding place near The Red House

A critical part of disappearing is finding an out-of-sight location where you enjoy spending time. This goes double when there’s a brunette hiding with you. With that in mind, we throw stuff into the car… a few good books swimsuits a nice dinner dress and a tuxedo (not kidding) …and head South to one of the few truly perfect places on Earth. First, we cut through Los Gatos, to make a stop at Fleur de Cocoa. Pascal and Nicola (the owners) are friends of ours. Just before starting their business, Pascal made our wedding cake. It was so good that … Continue reading Day 8,9,10: A hiding place near The Red House