Day 70: Inventors Everywhere

A lot of people have Secret Plans. Today I’m hanging out with a bunch of inventors who answer important questions like: What if brainwave measurement were part of live music performance? What if my t-shirt could help me avoid running into things? How can I make and ride a ridiculously tall bicycle? Can I trust strangers to cut my hair? First thing, though, I’m off to Peet’s to sit and get some of my own SP work done, and also watch the cute barista wrestle an unexpected number of balloons into submission. A morning show and free WiFi. This place … Continue reading Day 70: Inventors Everywhere

Day 19: Cowgirls

You don’t really need a car in SF, but I’ll be heading out of town soon, so I dropped mine off for service. Checkup, oil change, and fix some dashboard damage from last time the parachute failed. It’s another perfect day, but I mustered up some discipline, so back to my desk at the library. In the library cafĂ©, I met some folks who were giving an interesting lecture on business models for independent musicians. I chatted for a while with a cellist named Monica Scott, who will be performing a concert on Sunday night. Inspired by talking to her, … Continue reading Day 19: Cowgirls