Day 65: Plums and a Guitar Pick

There’s a very old plum tree in our yard, which produces excellent and tasty golden plums. Last year, the tree produced so many plums that we made 80 jars of jam before we decided to stop. This year it looks like there are almost twice as many. That’s just trouble. Next weekend is Plum Day! We’re going to invite nieces and nephews over and out them to work. Today my muse and I are doing a private mini plum-day, just making a few jars from some plums which are ready. Picking the plums is easy. The tree throws them at … Continue reading Day 65: Plums and a Guitar Pick

Day 64: The Raven and the Shape of Luck

Note: The author would like to apologize in advance for any brain damage caused by this blog entry. Today’s filled with things I’m not at liberty to photograph or discuss. So… time to uncover another Secret Plan! That’s strange. None of the secret plans call for a giant raven, but he’s here anyway. Better find out what he wants. Secret Plan 162: A really big surprise for my muse Of course she has a boyfriend. Like most girls, she has a lot of them. This one’s a famous musician, and he’s coming to San Francisco on tour. (They haven’t actually … Continue reading Day 64: The Raven and the Shape of Luck