Day 101: Baskets of Glass

So you already know some of what happens today, but not all. I wake up to her eyes, but also to the realization that the fire wasn’t a dream, and even if I could repair the damage to the robot, I’d never have time to troubleshoot the problem today. About half an hour later, she had done what a muse does. I still can’t remember exactly what she said, but without even looking at it I knew the cause of the failure, and how to fix it. Geek Details: The drive power circuit is basically an H-bridge, with power transistors … Continue reading Day 101: Baskets of Glass

Day 37: Danger and Baking

I collect icons of danger. Maybe I’ll start posting them here. Here’s one I saw today: …so I’m allowed (maybe required) to shoot lightning from my fingertips, but am not supposed to explode televisions in other vehicles. So many rules. This morning, my muse expressed her love by making fresh scones. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. In the evening, we went to Alex, Ashley and Scott’s place for dinner and some helicopter-related electronics work. The wine is a special treat with a hand-made label. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. In case you missed it, water has been found on Mars. Cool, that’s one less thing we’ll need to … Continue reading Day 37: Danger and Baking