\o/ on fuego

Your tongue can be on fire for longer than you’d think before you’re required to do anything about it. It’s day two, and Patricia’s really a fantastic instructor. She had warned us against wearing polyester (for fashion reasons, but also the fire just makes a sticky mess out of it) and we had a quick review of which fire extinguisher is okay to use on people (that’s the CO2, with the cone-shaped nozzle.) Then she looked at us and one of the students grinned and said “Let’s get lit!” A really fun weekend class for sure, highly recommended. Why is … Continue reading \o/ on fuego


(tap tap, ffffffff) Hey, is this thing on? So today my muse and I started taking lessons in fire eating. It’s at The Crucible of course, and we made our own torches to bring home. Those will be useful for sure. Oh, and then there’s this thing: It’s Secret Plan 161, all up and running and patent pending. More on that later for sure. …and hi. I know, it’s been a while. Continue reading \o/

S’Mores and Ambush

Now I don’t recommend taking apart your barbecue; it’s hot and dangerous, and there are almost no user-serviceable parts inside. Still, if you can get it apart just enough to get access to some open flame with a skewer and a marshmallow, then you can treat some cute brunette to s’mores in the city. She’ll like that. After a night of chocolate and ghost stories, we’re more than ready to spend a day in the park with some urchins. We’ve seen the de Young Museum’s Chihuly exhibit already, but sharing it with kids is like seeing it through different eyes. … Continue reading S’Mores and Ambush

Day 110: Reflections

Author’s note: You may have noticed that it took me a while to get this post out. The real, actual from-the-heart reason for the delay is that I don’t want it to be over. By posting this, I’m breaking the news to myself. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this one. Second note: All of these thumbnails link to the post they come from. Just for fun. Although Secret Plan 158 is complete today, I’ve decided to keep writing this blog. For the past 3.5 months, I’ve been sharing a wacky and unstructured set of events with you, I’ve enjoyed it … Continue reading Day 110: Reflections

Day 108 and 109: Three Signs

Fun note: At my German Wheel instructor‘s request, I’ve posted my All-Time Favorite Science Fiction book list. You’ll love at least a few of these, I promise. So the last few soft-landing days of SP158 happened to match the long weekend. Time to disappear for a while. We’re not that far from civilization; this place actually has a small train running through it. We push aside the kids and get some good seats. There’s a lake with a big sign reading “NO BOATING ALLOWED” with a lot of boats on it. Clearly the people who made the sign are on … Continue reading Day 108 and 109: Three Signs