Day 75: Two Scientists, Three Musicians, and Magic

I find Russ relaxing under a redwood tree. He looks pretty good for someone who was in a plane crash this morning. During low-speed taxi (safely on the ground), his plane hit an airport vehicle, wrecking the nosewheel and causing some other damage. To the passengers, it felt like a crunchy mellow brake malfunction. They were all moved onto an undamaged plane. Russ resisted the temptation to inflate his life vest, but just barely. Now Russ and I are standing outside an unmarked building in the technology core of Sunnyvale. After a few minutes, we’re joined by Dave and two … Continue reading Day 75: Two Scientists, Three Musicians, and Magic

Day 14: Fog and Dangerous Music

So I’ve started collecting albums by “Musicians who have been denied entry to the United States.” I picked up Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse today, and I already have Cat Stevens… still need Axel Willner’s band… got any more? I’m looking for recommendations. Why? Maybe it has to do with attraction to things you’re being protected from. Anyway, it’s fun, and the music’s good. This morning’s sunrise was somewhat less brilliant than Wednesday’s… …but the funny thing about San Francisco weather is that a 10-minute drive in any direction (I chose North) will usually get you this: Microclimates are awesome. … Continue reading Day 14: Fog and Dangerous Music