Day 104 and 105: Bringing Home Sand

This morning the camp next to us is having a bloody mary party. You’re supposed to bring a cup, but one guy forgot his. In exchange for a cup, he’s providing an eloquently-sung limerick of questionable taste for the entire camp. Today I head back to the city. I’m having a fantastic time, but there are things I still want to do at home before my coach turns into a pumpkin. I’m proud to be an original member of Open Kitchen Camp. Side Note: These two have posted some more fun pictures from the trip here. I spend the morning … Continue reading Day 104 and 105: Bringing Home Sand

Day 103: Food, Love and Robots

I’m on breakfast duty this morning, so it’s cinnamon french toast. Christine’s got some strawberries, which don’t hurt the situation at all. The name of our home on the Playa is Open Kitchen Camp. The plan is to make a lot of very excellent food, and share it with anyone who wants to stop by. This is a lot like what these two do at home, so they’re natural at it. No one ever turns down Christine’s cooking. We’ve got extra french toast, so we bring it around to our neighbors. It’s so easy to make friends here. Shannon’s actually … Continue reading Day 103: Food, Love and Robots

Day 102: Ceti Alpha Five

With radios in our cars, Christine, Shannon, Tanja and I hit the road, on the way to the Playa. It’s about five hundred miles, and it’s slow going, but we’ve got radio chatter on our side. ::Everyone here?:: :::Here::: ::::Here, we’re right behind you:::: We’ve got three vehicles, and one of them is pulling a trailer. And we drive as it gets dark. …and drive and drive. And I learn some things about Burning Man. ::::So what about critters?:::: ::Nothing lives there:: ::::Mice? Beetles? Scorpions? Mosquitos?:::: ::Nothing lives there. It’s like Mars, but with more dust. If you see a … Continue reading Day 102: Ceti Alpha Five

Day 101: Baskets of Glass

So you already know some of what happens today, but not all. I wake up to her eyes, but also to the realization that the fire wasn’t a dream, and even if I could repair the damage to the robot, I’d never have time to troubleshoot the problem today. About half an hour later, she had done what a muse does. I still can’t remember exactly what she said, but without even looking at it I knew the cause of the failure, and how to fix it. Geek Details: The drive power circuit is basically an H-bridge, with power transistors … Continue reading Day 101: Baskets of Glass