\o/ on fuego

Your tongue can be on fire for longer than you’d think before you’re required to do anything about it. It’s day two, and Patricia’s really a fantastic instructor. She had warned us against wearing polyester (for fashion reasons, but also the fire just makes a sticky mess out of it) and we had a quick review of which fire extinguisher is okay to use on people (that’s the CO2, with the cone-shaped nozzle.) Then she looked at us and one of the students grinned and said “Let’s get lit!” A really fun weekend class for sure, highly recommended. Why is … Continue reading \o/ on fuego


(tap tap, ffffffff) Hey, is this thing on? So today my muse and I started taking lessons in fire eating. It’s at The Crucible of course, and we made our own torches to bring home. Those will be useful for sure. Oh, and then there’s this thing: It’s Secret Plan 161, all up and running and patent pending. More on that later for sure. …and hi. I know, it’s been a while. Continue reading \o/