Day 83: Tracking

My muse returns today! That’s hot. The brunette steps off the plane looking fabulous as usual. Aly and I are both there to meet her.

The rules regarding well-behaved dogs in the airport aren’t clearly defined unless you can read the signs, which she can’t. So she politely curls up under the table as I get some tea.


After playing chauffeur, Aly and I skip town and head for the Air Force station. On the way there, we stop at Crystal Springs reservoir. It’s a beautiful place.

The Pillar Point Air Force Station is out on the coast, about four miles North of Half Moon Bay.


In the 60’s, they actually launched rockets from this facility, but that’s not what it’s used for now. When I lived nearby, they had a huge dish for tracking rockets and missiles.

Now it’s got a brand new tracking mechanism, and I want a close look.

DSCN1592 DSCN1594

Having a dog with me helps me draw zero attention. I’m just a guy at the beach, not a space technology nutball, I swear. Oh no, she’s wandered closer to the tracking dome, silly dog. I’d better go get her.


Something you can’t see from far away is the neat tile pattern on the dome.

Even up close, it’s hard to see without a little enhancement.

Aly reminds me that the tracking station is also right next to the beach, in case I’d forgotten.


DSCN1611 DSCN1616
She really can nap just about anywhere.

Random assertion: Tracking rockets is complicated and expensive. If someone’s doing it, stay out of the way.

Steganographic data: 1836/5.3

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Day 12: No Distractions

After an excellent sunrise in the city…

…the sky clouded over, and it looked like it might rain. Aha! Cool. Finally time to get some heads-down work done. No beautiful weather, no buried ships, no distractions.

I take care of a few things first, and just as I’m about to get started, I see the weather’s beautiful again. I really need to get some computer-work done, so without allowing myself to be distracted at all, I waste no time and head straight to the beach.

Pillar Point hides some excellent secrets, but I’m not equipped for exploring today. There are some pretty good non-secret beaches as well, perfect for bringing a book and a towel and forgetting the computer.

On the way back, I stopped to quietly photograph this completely normal and uninteresting patch of dirt.

Wednesday is usually flying trapeze, but tonight I attended the screening of a horrible movie instead. I’d mention the title here, but I can’t get myself to type it without smashing my head on the keyboard.

I got home late, but my muse got home later. She had a meeting after work with Alex, a young good-looking heavy-machinery expert in Palo Alto.

Random assertion: If you want an intelligent woman to tackle you, cook for her. And be on a first-name basis with your florist. As far as I can tell, these things work.

Steganographic data: 1874/1.5

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