Day 68: Ready the Cannon

Tomorrow I’ve got a meeting with a gentleman about a shipwreck. That’s going to be excellent. As I’m walking through the city today, I see something surprising. I’m up on a hill, but it’s clearly time to head toward the water. Today is the Tall Ship Parade. When I get to the water (having sprinted like a 12-year-old the whole way), there are people along the water’s edge for miles. The ships are beautiful, and sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge, right in front of us. It’s like a fireworks show. “Ooh look at that one!” “Wow, beautiful” …and then … Continue reading Day 68: Ready the Cannon

Day 7: Change of Pace

Here’s something you didn’t expect to think about today… an electric razor. This happens to be my electric razor, and it works just fine. Right, so let’s take a closer look at the little tag on the power cord. Now I’m not saying that this tag’s not needed; clearly it is, or Norelco wouldn’t to go to the trouble of printing this important message and attaching little plastic tags to each and every razor as it goes through the factory. I’m just thinking that “cut with scissors” is about as likely as “smash with hammer,” and you shouldn’t do that … Continue reading Day 7: Change of Pace