Day 34: Monorail Porn

We start the day by kicking up a smoked salmon scramble with fried capers. Plenty of energy for what’s to come.

I got to go into work with Kris today.

The posters for his show are six stories tall.

On the left is the main entrance, on the right, Kris stands in a training room (tightly cropped to respect the show’s secrets).

Request #1: Right, monorails! Who am I to turn down a request for a photo shoot?

Some of you are familiar with Mr. H, who wanted to know, more than anything, if I had ridden the Las Vegas Monorail. And could I please post pictures. Of course I did, and of course I will.

It’s actually hard to get a good photo of the monorail, unless you want one from underneath. Not so sexy.

I did find a place outside where I could hang out, high enough to be level with it. It’s not strictly forbidden, and there are no security cameras anyway (they’re all inside watching the money).

So here they all are, by special request.

Okay, Mr. H is right. Monorails are cool. Kris and I were thinking that they should extend this one to the airport, but it looks like that’s already planned.

Request #2: Another request I got, from a cryptographer friend, was to encrypt the secret parts instead of just blacking them out. That could get me in trouble, but what the heck, that’s not unusual.

So Mr. N/Po, here’s what I did for the rest of the day:

There’s an excellent [qsyop piydofr pg s apvsa vsmyoms] where the bartender knows how to [zslr rcvraarmy zsthstoysd] and if you’re willing to wait, [s brtu dqovu rmvjoasfs] with three different extremely hot [dsivrd]. After the first one, when I asked [gpt dpzr arzpmsfr, jr dsof jr fofm’y aolr yjr dyigg om yjr dpfs] gun at all, so [jr zsfr dpzr gtpz gtrdjau] squeezed [arzpmd, ejovj esd qrtgrvy, smf mpy ypp] sweet.

The pole-dancing [vsdomp od vapdrf imyoa momr, dp O qasurf dpzr nasvlksvl mrstnu].

…It’s all true, and I was even in perfect time to catch my flight home.

…and my beautiful muse picked me up at the airport in SF, and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse: dinner at Incanto. Oh yum.

Whew, that’s enough for one day. (It’s kind of enough for three days, really.)

Random assertion: Many things which are not encouraged are also not technically forbidden.

Steganographic data: 1888/6.4

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Day 33: Sorcery and G-Forces

I start the morning off by making us a huge stack of chocolate chip pancakes, and a few blueberry as well.

One great thing about Las Vegas, when you fill out a form (medical, apartment rental, whatever) you can put “Circus Performer” as your occupation and no one’s even surprised.

My muse, backstage with Kris on a recent visit

We spend part of the day planning a future act for him. He’s got some fantastic ideas. Any time Kris is performing, he’s also working on the next thing, because he’s smart.

During development of his current act, I got a call from mom: “Would you please call your brother and tell him 4 G’s is too much force?” She was right, of course. That’s what I love about my family. (The fact that he’s 30 feet above the stage doesn’t worry her. She and dad are used to that.)

Kris has two very lovely housemates, Michelle and Angela. They’ve been kind enough to let me use their room while they’re out of town.

There are also two black cats here, named David Hasselhoff and Kevin Bacon. (Really.)

It occurs to me that I haven’t actually seen those two actors in quite some time. Given the number of candles around, a likely explanation is that my brother is living with a pair of sorceresses who like to keep pets.

I’ll do what I can to stay on their good side.

Random assertion: Sorcery can only exist in a world where most people think it’s impossible.

Steganographic data: 1870/2.8

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Day 32: Acrobats, Ink and Heat

I get off the plane in Las Vegas, and the cabbie’s thermometer says 114°. I suspect it’s exaggerating; with the wind chill, it barely feels over 105.

New stuff is being built here, always.

Between 1pm and 5pm, I spent a lot of time ███████ ██████ and ████████ frozen ████████ and trying to stay ███ ██ ███ ████, but a nice pair of 4’s, split and then doubled, were kind enough to pay for my lunch.

It just means I owe them for next time, really. This city is much more fun when you bring a muse with you.

My brother Kris is an acrobat performing for Cirque here in Las Vegas. He’s got a few days off, so I came out to play in his city, and hang out.

I meet up with Kris at a tattoo studio. Charlie runs the place (with his whole family helping), and he does excellent work. I particularly like the family portrait on their website.

Charlie and Kris and I found a local burger place.

We spend the afternoon catching up, and late at night, we make a sushi run. I’m skeptical about finding good sushi in the desert, but Kris is right. This little place is excellent. Friendly sushi chefs, and really good toro and uni.

Random assertion: Cards will lend you money sometimes, but the interest rate is not good.

Steganographic data: 1854/7.2

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Day 26: Gravity Boys

When my muse leaves for work, I get on the highway.

These propellors help keep the Earth’s rotation from slowing over time. It takes hundreds of them to do the job.

It’s a 6-hour drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles, but it’s easy. Roll the windows down, crank up the music, and you’re there.

First stop in Pasadena is to see my grandmother. Gram has been reading this blog every day, and it’s got her in a mood to tell fun stories. During my visit, she drops hints about some mischief in 1931, which apparently made the papers. I’ve got some digging to do when I get back to the library. If I can I find it, I’ll post it for you.

From San Francisco, Las Vegas and Culver City, the boys all converge on Mom & Dad’s place. There are stories to tell. A lot of them.

Three guys with no respect for gravity

  • Kris (on the right) has a few days off from his show. He’s an acrobat for Cirque Du Soleil in this show, and his act is amazing to watch.
  • CJ (in the middle) spends his non-work time BASE jumping, flying planes, and tinkering. He’s currently building an airplane, which is why I came down.

Before dinner, I jump in the hot tub with a book. After a few minutes, dad stops by to hand me a margarita. See, this is why we treat the parents so well when they visit us. Good training.

We get to CJ’s place close to midnight, and Bethany (his muse and skydiving companion) has stories to top anything we’ve heard all day. Her work is far more dangerous than mine, always. She teaches 5th grade.

Before going to sleep, CJ gives me an overview of the avionics equipment for his plane. This is what we’ll be working on tomorrow.

Random assertion: To do a dull thing with style is preferable to doing a dangerous thing without style. To do a dangerous thing with style, is what I call art. – Charles Bukowski

Steganographic data: 1864/0.5

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