Day 103: Food, Love and Robots

I’m on breakfast duty this morning, so it’s cinnamon french toast. Christine’s got some strawberries, which don’t hurt the situation at all. The name of our home on the Playa is Open Kitchen Camp. The plan is to make a lot of very excellent food, and share it with anyone who wants to stop by. This is a lot like what these two do at home, so they’re natural at it. No one ever turns down Christine’s cooking. We’ve got extra french toast, so we bring it around to our neighbors. It’s so easy to make friends here. Shannon’s actually … Continue reading Day 103: Food, Love and Robots

Day 100: Day One Hundred!

Speaking of the Castro Theatre, check this out. West Side Story, The Godfather, and sing-along The Little Mermaid. All on one marquee. How awesome is that? I’m leaving town tomorrow afternoon, and my muse can’t come with me this time, so we’re spending today and tomorrow playing in museums and working on fun projects. This is SFMOMA, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. They’ve got an exhibit of Frieda Kahlo‘s work currently. We spend a long time enjoying that, as well as some fantastic Chinese contemporary art. There’s one piece by Sui Jianguo of Chairman Mao sleeping on a … Continue reading Day 100: Day One Hundred!

Day 41: Red Sky and the Mystery Door

For the past three days, the sun has been a funky distant red color, and you can smell the wildfires nearby. That won’t stop the week’s celebrations, though. The Castro neighborhood is all decked out and ready for an excellent weekend-long party. A.G. Ferrari: Human respect and great food, all in one store. I’ll tell you, the cat’s day is off to a great start. Oh joy, it’s time for the vet. The 18-year-old cat says: “I know where you live.” The 2-year-old cat says: “Hey how’d you get in the box? Is that fun? I want one too.” Our … Continue reading Day 41: Red Sky and the Mystery Door