Day 108 and 109: Three Signs

Fun note: At my German Wheel instructor‘s request, I’ve posted my All-Time Favorite Science Fiction book list. You’ll love at least a few of these, I promise. So the last few soft-landing days of SP158 happened to match the long weekend. Time to disappear for a while. We’re not that far from civilization; this place actually has a small train running through it. We push aside the kids and get some good seats. There’s a lake with a big sign reading “NO BOATING ALLOWED” with a lot of boats on it. Clearly the people who made the sign are on … Continue reading Day 108 and 109: Three Signs

Day 106 and 107: Cake, Crucible and Crash-Nap

Tomorrow starts a long weekend. That means if I’m going to get birthday shopping done for my muse, I need to do it today. It’s much easier to keep secrets from her when she’s at work. First it’s another battle of wills at Delessio. This woman is making four incredible cakes at once. She’s a bakery ninja. I’ve never seen this sign before, but it’s not new. I’ll have to stop in and see what sort of flying thing they make. Some of today is spent retracing steps to places I’ve enjoyed during my time of. See the top window? … Continue reading Day 106 and 107: Cake, Crucible and Crash-Nap