Day 23: A Glimpse of the Future

Everyone’s got work to do in the morning, so we put some coffee and tea on and the house gets quiet for a few hours.

Then we head to Epic Roasthouse on the Embarcadero for a special brunch. They put one of those old seltzer bottles on the table, and it’s really hard not to start a seltzer fight.

When we get home, everyone’s busy again. Dad is working on his lecture, and my muse is finishing a knitting project.

(Knitting, what?) Don’t laugh, those 12-inch #5 aluminum needles will pin you to the wall from across the room, and you’ll never even see it coming. Trust me on this one.

She’s been doing it her whole life, and is super-fast now. Today she’s just finished up something for herself, and shows it off:

Mom and Dad are heading out of town tonight, but first we all make our way to 4th Street to watch the Lakers/Celtics game with some hot wings and beer. Gotta have priorities.

Funny thing about the game was that the TV we were looking at was about 3 seconds ahead of the big one most of the pub was watching. We’d cheer (Whoa!!), then wait 1.. 2.. 3.. “WHOA!!” …and roll over laughing. For a while there, we were able to see 3 seconds into the future. It looks pretty good.

Random assertion: If you see someone knitting, it means she has serious math skills and a whole quiver of sharp objects. Be nice to her.

Steganographic data: 1880/1.8

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Day 15: Time for Projects

Speaking of sci-fi (weren’t we?), if you like intelligent analyses of good films, take a look at Haden’s blog. I’d swear he and I grew up in the same house.

So there’s a hopping-night-spot-which-also-serves-breakfast place nearby, Cafe Flore. My muse and I have never had breakfast there, so that’s where we go.

This bar also serves coffee.

This place gets crazy-busy at night, but for breakfast it’s mellow and tasty.

After food and a walk, we spend most of the day at home, working on projects. She’s building something, and I’m not allowed to say what it is, but it’s cool.

I’m working on Secret Plans 18 and 159. SP18 is a geek-book for programmers, and SP159 (which I’m hoping will make a worthwhile contribution to BQIC) deals with using a bunch of crazy-huge computers to simulate a type of quantum computer which doesn’t exist yet.

I don’t have any crazy-huge computers at home (just this small slow one which I love using), but that doesn’t matter. If you know where to find them, the folks who run them are usually nice people who like logic puzzles.

It’s a quiet and productive day, except that these two slackers hardly got anything done at all.

She’s 2 years old, and he’s 18.

In the evening, we walk down to the Castro Theatre to see Indiana Jones. Remember I mentioned there’s an organist? His rendition of the Indy theme was excellent.

Random assertion: Cats can’t type, though they try.

Steganographic data: 1888/2.9