Day 85 and 86: Napa Valley Swine Tasting

If you remember how much my muse enjoys the opera, here’s some fun contrast. Warning: If you’re a vegetarian, or a person who doesn’t like bacon, you should probably click here. This weekend we’ve gone to Napa, to attend a livestock auction and buy a pig. This is the Napa Town and Country Fair and it’s great. There’s music, barbecue, rides, funnel cakes, and farm equipment (both antique and brand new). None of the old tractors have cup holders, but the new ones do. Cups must be a recent invention. Yep, there’s even a demolition derby. Awesome. If this isn’t … Continue reading Day 85 and 86: Napa Valley Swine Tasting

Day 43: The Approximate Weight of an Angel

The beautiful Palace of Fine Arts, designed by Bernard Maybeck in 1915, is being renovated. The scaffolding alone is a complex and impressive structure. During the renovation, the site is closed for safety reasons. You can’t even get close to it without a hard hat and an escort. So this morning, we’ve got hard hats and escorts. Charlie says that one of the things he needed to do for the project was to calculate the weight of the concrete angels under the dome. Having these two as guides is excellent. Jan Berckefeldt is the executive director of the Maybeck foundation, … Continue reading Day 43: The Approximate Weight of an Angel

Day 37: Danger and Baking

I collect icons of danger. Maybe I’ll start posting them here. Here’s one I saw today: …so I’m allowed (maybe required) to shoot lightning from my fingertips, but am not supposed to explode televisions in other vehicles. So many rules. This morning, my muse expressed her love by making fresh scones. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. In the evening, we went to Alex, Ashley and Scott’s place for dinner and some helicopter-related electronics work. The wine is a special treat with a hand-made label. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. In case you missed it, water has been found on Mars. Cool, that’s one less thing we’ll need to … Continue reading Day 37: Danger and Baking

Day 22: They Started It, Really

My parents arrive today. Dad is teaching a statistical analysis in the laboratory workshop at a local biotechnology center next week, so they’re using our place as a B&B and base of operations. I need to stop by the Ferry building to pick up some special ingredients so my muse and I can make dinner for them. First things first, time to stop to hang with acrobats for a few hours. Alan, E-Beth and Kendra are a blast to fly with. Michael is doing some setup for the upcoming shows. I wasn’t able to find everything I was looking for … Continue reading Day 22: They Started It, Really