Day 94: Sketchy Camera Placement

Most of today is spent in acrobat training, doing my best to collect broken bones and scars, or at least get very very tired. First I talk to my instructor for some new skills and pointers. He’s so glad I’m wearing a helmet. Gentle reminder: Do not attempt acrobatic activity without professional instruction and safety equipment, or you will die. For warmup, I’m doing the same monkey-work as last time, except I’ve very carefully set the camera in a place where I should be able to roll over it without shattering it into a thousand pieces. Let’s see how it … Continue reading Day 94: Sketchy Camera Placement

Day 84: Lasers, Sugar and Dizziness

For the past few weeks, Mom and Dad have been in the Alaskan wilderness, and they’re blogging it. I swear I’ll never get those two to behave like parents. So this is what the German Wheel looks like when you’re lying on your back because you’re too tired to stand. That’s how Scott found me. Hands blistered, shins bruised, and probably grinning. I spent most of the day working on the wheel, with the goal of getting tired. It totally worked. Not much else went on, so it seems to me like a good time to open another Secret Plan. … Continue reading Day 84: Lasers, Sugar and Dizziness

Day 81: Training

In the balance between science and acrobatics, my lack of injury tells me I’m spending too much time on the science. Time to learn something new. First, more time in parks and caf├ęs with Aly. She needs to put those eyelashes to use, and flirt with random people. While we’re out, my muse calls on a secure line. The noise in the background sounds kind of like she’s rappelling down the side of a building. All on schedule then. I mentioned she’s got a police record. If you know what’s good for you, you won’t ask her about it. She’s … Continue reading Day 81: Training