Day 75: Two Scientists, Three Musicians, and Magic

I find Russ relaxing under a redwood tree. He looks pretty good for someone who was in a plane crash this morning. During low-speed taxi (safely on the ground), his plane hit an airport vehicle, wrecking the nosewheel and causing some other damage. To the passengers, it felt like a crunchy mellow brake malfunction. They were all moved onto an undamaged plane. Russ resisted the temptation to inflate his life vest, but just barely. Now Russ and I are standing outside an unmarked building in the technology core of Sunnyvale. After a few minutes, we’re joined by Dave and two … Continue reading Day 75: Two Scientists, Three Musicians, and Magic

Day 18: Libraries and Crude Humor

I keep waiting for crappy weather to get some of my computer-related projects done, but that’s clearly never going to happen. Perils of living in California. If you’re looking for a comfortable place to work on secret plans, with a nice bright private desk and a good internet connection, it’s hard to beat the San Francisco Library. If you could get a cup of coffee here, it’d be a little too perfect. (I just found the cafĂ© downstairs.) You can stay as long as you like (8am-9pm), and get personal help finding any information you’re looking for. They also have … Continue reading Day 18: Libraries and Crude Humor

Day 3: Good friends with special skills

Was contacted by Erick “flying is my day job, but the other stuff I do is even cooler” Methot. Friends in Ixtapa need a flying trapeze catcher for the week. Alas, being “on call” for work means no leaving the country for me. Maybe next time. Erick does a brilliant Austin Powers impression, baby. Science: Mom and Dad had joined forces to write for three different biotech training grants, and today they were awarded all three. That’ll create a lot of future scientists. That’s something my folks do well. This post is going to be a little too long (I … Continue reading Day 3: Good friends with special skills