Day 91: Sun vs. Fog… Fight!


It’s so foggy this morning that it looks like the sun’s never going to cut through.

It’s foggy and lazy, and the cats are good with that.

During our Plum Day jam-making activity, a couple of the jars didn’t gel. This happens sometimes, for a few different reasons. It’s still sealed and safe, just sloshy.

Some of them can be repaired, by re-boiling and adding some sugar and pectin. It’s a good foggy-morning thing to do when you don’t feel like typing.

DSCN1720 DSCN1718

A few of them gel afterward, but those that don’t will be fantastic on ice cream.

Holy cow, By the time I’m done, the sun has actually started to poke through. I’m meeting with some very smart friends at the Presidio today to talk about the rules of telekinetic basketball, mostly just for fun.

By the time we’re done, the sun is victorious.

Alcatraz and the Palace of Fine Arts, as seen from the entrance to the Presidio Golf Course.

There’s time to play at the golf course, but as the afternoon gets late, the fog starts winning the battle again. Half an hour later, people are reaching for their jackets.


Random assertion: Cats know where the sunbeams are going to be, and what they’re for.

Steganographic data: 1814/4.1

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Day 16: Pelicans and Snakes

Right under the Golden Gate Bridge is Fort Point, a defense station which dates back to the Civil War. On a day like today, it seems like a great place to be stationed.

Pelicans have a cool prehistoric look.

We were very careful not to be eaten by this vehicle.

After playing by the bay with Ashley and Alex (our heavy-machinery expert), my muse and I went for a walk on the 3.5-mile trail around a radiotelescope in Palo Alto known as the Stanford Dish.

This snake is about 6 feet long, lazy and happy. There’s plenty to eat here.

You can find some fantastic photos taken in this area by Robert Siegel here.

Something I forgot to mention about golf… If you want to really enjoy learning, it helps to find a good-looking instructor.

Yes it does.

Random assertion: When it comes to bold, efficient, enduring design, it’s hard to beat sharks, spiders and snakes.

Steganographic data: 1870/4.6

Day 14: Fog and Dangerous Music

So I’ve started collecting albums by “Musicians who have been denied entry to the United States.” I picked up Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse today, and I already have Cat Stevens… still need Axel Willner’s band… got any more? I’m looking for recommendations.

Why? Maybe it has to do with attraction to things you’re being protected from. Anyway, it’s fun, and the music’s good.

This morning’s sunrise was somewhat less brilliant than Wednesday’s

…but the funny thing about San Francisco weather is that a 10-minute drive in any direction (I chose North) will usually get you this:

Microclimates are awesome.

Had lunch with a good friend and talented acrobat in Mill Valley who wants to remain anonymous. (She’s an art dealer in the daytime.) I tell you, we’re everywhere.

(Hey wait, is that a picture of a golf course?)

Here’s something you didn’t expect me to say: Golf is fun.

Even though your feet are on the ground, and your life is hardly ever in danger, it’s fun anyway.

Running a probability analysis of this driving range would make you a nerd.

My muse taught me to play; you can clear your mind completely, or think about how unlikely it is that the ball could ever actually find its way to the hole by natural means. The courses in and around SF are excellent.

After stopping in at work to visit some friends, I found my muse at one of the best places in the city, Mission Beach Cafe.

You need to eat here. These guys run a fantastic restaurant, small and comfortable, with unbelievable food. She also likes it because she can flirt with the cute waiters.

Random assertion: If all women had voices like Jenna Mammina, men would be utterly defenseless.

Steganographic data: 1876/1.8