Day 68: Ready the Cannon

Tomorrow I’ve got a meeting with a gentleman about a shipwreck. That’s going to be excellent.

As I’m walking through the city today, I see something surprising.


I’m up on a hill, but it’s clearly time to head toward the water.

Today is the Tall Ship Parade. When I get to the water (having sprinted like a 12-year-old the whole way), there are people along the water’s edge for miles.


The ships are beautiful, and sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge, right in front of us.





It’s like a fireworks show. “Ooh look at that one!” “Wow, beautiful”

…and then “BANG!”

Yep, the smoke in this picture is from the ship’s cannon. They missed me.





This next ship is the SS Jeremiah O’Brien. Just a few days ago, my muse and I were in this ship’s engine room, while it was running. It’s great to see it out on the water. The submarine might be out here too. How would we know?


DSCN0960 DSCN0964
Those kayaks might want to paddle a bit faster.


Afterward, I head to a little crepe and omelet place for lunch. This place is fantastic. Sophie, the lovely and friendly owner, runs it family-style. Everything she makes is excellent.

DSCN0979 DSCN0976

There’s lust one big table in the middle for everyone to sit around, and the silverware is in a chest of drawers.

After that, it’s off to the park for some reading (sleeping), and then more work on Secrret Plans.


Random assertion: Every beautiful ship knows more stories than anyone has told.

Steganographic data: 1838/7.6

2 thoughts on “Day 68: Ready the Cannon

  1. I’m enjoying the ‘lust’ typo in regards to the chocolate crepe joint. Teehee

    Those ships are amazing!

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