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The best way to contact me is to post a comment! If you’re too shy, you can try to reach me at

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If you want to use something in it, let me know! I’ll probably say yes, in exchange for a link and a postcard from your home town.

2 thoughts on “Contact Info

  1. I agree your muse is worth writing about but you two really make it tough on the not-quite-adopted-children of your parents 😉
    On a recent day where I had to attend “mom’s: advisor board “dad” showed me that when on vacation you don’t merely sleep….#@#$%!
    That’s for making me look like a slacker.
    When are you and she going to come back down here for another Murder Party?
    I have a new husband to initiate and we can hold it at my pseudo-office 😉
    PS ask “dad” about the lady who thought I was family 😉
    PSS Hi Sue!

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