Day 96: Symmetrical Rescue

My muse has had a wardrobe malfunction at work, and could use some help. I’m bringing her a new blouse, which puts me in a strong bargaining position.

For you honey, special price.

…but then right afterward, I’ve suddenly got what appears to be a major vehicle malfunction. Yep, the car will be out of commission for a day or so. Time for her to come to my rescue, but this time the bargaining advantage is hers. “Special price, honey.”


Also, today I get the spark of an idea for Secret Plan 187, which is going to involve building a small paranoid robot. I need to go home and hunt for parts. Don’t worry, tomorrow’s post will have plenty of information on this one.

Random assertion: Negotiation is a game which involves both skill and position. Only one of these may be obtained by luck, which makes it fleeting and unreliable.

Steganographic data: 1800/2.0

Days remaining in Secret Plan 158: 13

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