Day 92: Return to the Mouse

Summer’s not over until the roller coasters are closed.

When we get to Christine and Shannon’s place, there’s a car we don’t recognize parked out front.

DSCN1742I think this might be their pedal-powered vehicle for Burning Man.

Once at the park, we got to meet Spongebob in person! He’s smaller than you’d think. Here he is standing on Shannon’s hand, right before Shannon ate him.


I understand he had a pineappley flavor, and a crunchy center.

Apparently you can ride this one without pants,
but you won’t enjoy it.

DSCN1750 DSCN1754
This is the curve right before we all plummet toward
certain death and dampness.

I shouldn’t post the pictures of what happened next without permission from all involved. Let’s just say we broke a minor park rule and were scolded for it. And then…

Remember Psycho Mouse? So do we.

DSCN1756 psychomouse2
You can tell Shannon’s still on a sugar rush from that Spongecake guy.

“Hey, stop there, I’ll take your picture.” Heh heh.

We found a super-short roller coaster line, so a bunch of the day looked like this:

…so after a few rides like that, a two-story carousel is a good place to make sure you’ve still got your teeth.


Yep, nothing wrong with hers.

Random assertion: There is no point to roller coasters. That’s the point.

Steganographic data: 1800/3.5

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