Day 88, 89, 90: Roadside Demon Machine

This is some else’s secret plan. They thought of this and built it before I even realized it was needed.


There’s a gasoline engine and a propane tank… but what’s it for?


Aha. “A machine for adding that hometown textured feel to crosswalks.” Those three rows of pressure-stampers are patiently stamping brick patterns into the new asphalt. Then they get painted.

DSCN1695 DSCN1697d

The part of the machine labeled “HOT” has a little skull hanging from it. Inside the tank, I’m picturing a pentagram with a demon sitting inside it, generating heat for the brick stamper. He’s got an orange vest and a hard hat, and he’s eating lunch. I won’t bother him.

One of the secret plans (SP157) involves artistic skill I don’t have. Specifically, I need to be able to draw some kids, a panda and a taco.

So I’m practicing drawing a lot of cartoon faces. The first hundred were ultra-creepy. Pandas aren’t supposed to be creepy.

After a while they stop looking like little cartoon corpses, but it’s harder work than I was expecting.

At Delessio, I pick up a few things to munch while I wrestle with the ink.

It’s handy to have the kitchen right there, but it’s going to take me a while to eat everything in it.

If you’re just drawing and writing, you really can do it anywhere. Don’t even need an internet connection. (In fact, being connected to the web slows down the process considerably.)

It’s a good chance to wander from one quiet desk to another, enjoying the city.



I stop by Union Square to see if Gene is there for a game of chess, but I’ve missed him again.


No matter how much time you spend here, you keep seeing new things. I hadn’t noticed this mosaic before. That skateboard will probably confuse archaeologists in a few thousand years.


One of my favorite desks in the city is still Citizen Cupcake.


Bet you don’t know where this is. I’ll have to bring my muse here if I can find it again. She likes surprises.

Random assertion: If you see a warning sign, and they’ve gone through the trouble of hanging a human skull next to it, you should probably read it.

Steganographic data: 1818/6.9

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