Day 79: Aspara and Luau

Vik (science expert) and Gary (photographer/philosopher) told me about two very different art & food events today. As it turned out, they’re unable to go, so I need to cover for them by having a double serving (of art as well as food). The first was the Aloha Festival. Hawaiian dancing and barbecue. Combine those two things, and it’s impossible not to have fun. The dancers’ backsides are shaking in ways that would cause certain injury to most people I know. The food’s excellent, but I wasn’t able to try all of it. The next event, over near Berkeley, is … Continue reading Day 79: Aspara and Luau

Day 78: Tree Urchins

Remember last week when we used a bunch of children to harvest plums? Those kids all escaped, so we had to get some more this week. Are there still plums in the tree? Um, is there still sand on the beach? Up the ladder, ya scurvy urchins. After that ye’ll walk the plank. This should all look familiar by now. The kids do all the work in the plum mines and don’t have any fun at all, while he adults have a pleasant summer party. Brilliant. She’s got a sweet smile and some cold beer. I’m in love. At about … Continue reading Day 78: Tree Urchins