Day 77: Psycho Mouse

As of this morning that I have exactly one month left of my 3.5-month vacation from work. I’m not sad about it. When have I ever had a whole month off work? Being right at the beginning of a one-month vacation? I’ll take it.

Given that it’s still summer, my muse and I are compelled to go find some roller coasters and funnel cakes.


Attendance is light today, which means you can sprint around and get right back on, which we do. A lot. Soon, it all becomes a blur of motion.

Old metal roller coasters are great.

DSCN1421 DSCN1442

…but you really can’t beat the wooden ones for that pure hand-built experience.

DSCN1425 DSCN1430
DSCN1429 DSCN1433

A few years ago at Hershey Park in Pennsylvania, the brunette snuck me into the park at closing time. She took me on a wooden coaster called The Comet. This was clearly a test; if I didn’t like it, I might not be marriage material.

We also hit Drop Zone a few times, for the simplest possible “AAAAAAaaaaaaiiieeeee” feeling in your eyeballs.

DSCN1439 DSCN1437
The zero-G freefall sensation that makes us giddy is what astronauts feel for months at a time. Sign me up please.

Tonight, just before we leave, we randomly decide to try out a new coaster, called Psycho Mouse. It looks, well, a little simple.

DSCN1454 DSCN1448

As it turns out, the Mouse is psychomousetasticlicious. (The spell checker doesn’t like that word, but I’ve clicked “add to dictionary” so we’re good.) Simple? Well yes, but it’s also really fun. We had to ride it twice. Note: you do want your seatbelt nice and tight. The mouse is truly psycho.

Random assertion: Roller coasters distill the essence of life experience. They sweep you away, get you all worked up, and then return you gently to exactly where you started, but somewhat dizzier.

(Funnel cakes do this too, if you eat enough of them.)

Steganographic data: 1806/1.2

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Day 76: Daisies and Big Machines

Off to the park to get some work done today, and I find the park full of people and music.


Today the Yerba Buena Gardens Festival has a concert on. They’ve had a lot of them over the summer, and they’re always good.

Time for another Secret Plan to come out. You’ll see why.

Secret Plan 68: Construction Vehicle Amusement Park
Important note: My muse gets all the credit for this one. It’s her idea.

I know, but she really likes them. Safety isn’t everything.

What if you had a place where you could spend the day learning to drive huge construction vehicles?

  • You’d go spend a day with friends, using multi-ton machines to move piles of dirt bigger than your house.
  • Build something. Wreck something. Have races.
  • On subsequent visits, you get to drive bigger and better vehicles.
  • It’s perfect for bachelorette parties, confidence-building workshops and company offsites.
  • The park would sell video, t-shirts, hardhats and tools. And lemonade.
  • The instructors would be hot women in Daisy Dukes.

See? Something for everyone. Insurance would be a problem, but a tractable one, once you’ve got the tractors.

So here’s something funny about Secret Plans:

Once in a while you see that one of them, exactly as written, has been done by someone else. I love it when this happens, because you get to see it even if you never had time to do it.

Check it out. Secret Plan 68 just went live. Oh heck yes. (There’s a Wall Street Journal article about it here.) Congratulations Ed! Nice job.

It’s exactly what we were thinking, almost. I’m sure they’ll find some hot female instructors soon.

Random assertion: All good ideas appear in more than one mind at a time. It’s their way of ensuring survival.

Steganographic data: 1814/4.6

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