Day 77: Psycho Mouse

As of this morning that I have exactly one month left of my 3.5-month vacation from work. I’m not sad about it. When have I ever had a whole month off work? Being right at the beginning of a one-month vacation? I’ll take it. Given that it’s still summer, my muse and I are compelled to go find some roller coasters and funnel cakes. Attendance is light today, which means you can sprint around and get right back on, which we do. A lot. Soon, it all becomes a blur of motion. Old metal roller coasters are great. …but you … Continue reading Day 77: Psycho Mouse

Day 76: Daisies and Big Machines

Off to the park to get some work done today, and I find the park full of people and music. Today the Yerba Buena Gardens Festival has a concert on. They’ve had a lot of them over the summer, and they’re always good. Time for another Secret Plan to come out. You’ll see why. ______________________________________________________ Secret Plan 68: Construction Vehicle Amusement Park Important note: My muse gets all the credit for this one. It’s her idea. I know, but she really likes them. Safety isn’t everything. What if you had a place where you could spend the day learning to … Continue reading Day 76: Daisies and Big Machines