Day 73 and 74: Calculated Risk

I’ve got a couple of days of heads-down work now, to finish Secret Plan 161 (or at least get it over the first major hurdle). There’s also a lot of work to do on the telescope software for SP174.

DSCN1388 DSCN1389

I’ve discovered a new desk downtown. It’s tall, so you stand while you work, which is a pleasant change. Starting at the Ferry Building in San Francisco, walk to the intersection of Market and Pine, and you’re standing right on top of the place.

About 40 feet below you (under the street), you’ll find it.

It’s Peet’s, which means the coffee is good and the staff is playful and friendly. And they have cookies.

I received two surprises from thoughtful colleagues this week. The first was a stunt double, whom I’ve named Hugo.

He’s a little shorter than me, but from the back we look almost the same.

That’s just awesome, because usually I’m the stunt double. I’ve only had my own once before (an amazing man named Bobby, during a job where I was getting shot in the back). Even then, we were both wearing detonators.

Hugo is great. When I’m not certain I’ll survive something, I send him. (“Wow, that looks dangerous. Hugo first.”) Thanks Brett!

Nick sent the second surprise.  It’s an equation for calculating Sidereal Time for astronomy.

This will save me so much time on Secret Plan 174 that I’ve decided to go have several naps on the beach.

…and since this code is already in use in other systems, it also means that the telescope’s accuracy will enjoy benefits which only come with years of experience and extensive testing.

…and it lowers the chance that Dad and I will be called into the observatory at 2am to come fix a calculation error.

Thanks guys!

Random assertion: Toys are usually labeled with a minimum age, but not a maximum age. Adults sometimes forget this. Brett Douville

Steganographic data: 1828/9.3

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