Day 54: Secret Bricks

I spent all morning drawing diagrams for Secret Plan 161.

It’s an electronic █████ capable of █████ ██ completely ██████ █████ to █████ ████ ███ ████ toward it. I’ve never seen one, and I think it’d be super-useful in museums and ballparks.

It could also be used for evil.

I’m having a very hard time finding the parts I need to build it, because the ████ █████ ██████ are buying them all, and they have a lot more money than I do.

Part of the reason for my busy morning is that I’ve got an appointment with someone downtown today to discuss this particular device.
The gentleman is super-smart, our conversation is fun, and now I’ve got a lot to think about.

In the evening, I meet up with two old acrobat buddies, Graham and Erick, at The Ramp. It’s a good place to have a drink and blow a few hours talking about everything and nothing. It’s in a section of town with excellent machines everywhere.

DSCN0472 DSCN0471

It also happens to be close to McCovey Cove and the ballpark, so I head over for some twilight scouting, to get pictures and do some planning.


While I’m walking along he water, a man paddles up in a kayak. He pulls up to the shoreline, and then reaches into his boat, pulls out a brick, and throws it onto the shore. Then another. Then a whole bunch more. It’s more bricks than most people put in their kayaks for sure.
I’ve seen people into some tweaked stuff, but this is a new one for me. So I ask. He says, “Hundred year old bricks that fell into the bay in the earthquake. There’s nothing quite like them.” Okay um, cool.

Random assertion: Your best inventions will, someday, be used for evil and harm. Deal with it.

Steganographic data: 1860/3.8

4 thoughts on “Day 54: Secret Bricks

  1. Dealing with it:

    Back in the day, I used to build robots for the Canadian DND. I thought I was pretty clever, the hexapod could go into buildings and plant rescue devices, the underwaterbot could follow oil leaks to ships and report environmental hazards. When I showed these things to the brass, they turned these ideas around pretty thoroughly. Won’t mention how, don’t want to given anyone new ideas like that… I dealt with it by becoming a toy designer. I designed giant robots for Bandai, the company that does Gundam. I understand that in the future when a giant robot stomps my house flat, I’ll only have myself to blame.

  2. Good to know who gets the blame for the giant robot stomps your house flat thing. Of course “Deal with it” can mean either make “peace with the idea”, or “design a good counter-robot to beat the evil one.”

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