Day 53: What Shark?

A few stragglers from St. Croix; I got the pictures from the cheap waterproof camera developed. Here are the pictures we took just before the whole shark thing.

FH000027 FH000026 FH000012
FH000016 FH000018 FH000010
FH000008 FH000007 FH000005

It’s time to shift gears. I’ve spent several weeks on the “casual acrobatics” side of things, and ignoring the “big science” part. Time to focus on some serious geek stuff.

I spend almost the whole day setting up equipment and data. The cats are really excited.

DSCN0458 DSCN0462

In the evening, my muse and I head to the simple awesomeness that is Ti Couz. Last week I was crushed to see a big sign saying “We’re now closed. Thanks for a great 16 years!” Somehow, magically and beyond all hope, it’s open again.

DSCN0465 DSCN0466

Random assertion: It’s sad when a 6-foot shark swims away from you before you’ve got the camera ready. Still, maybe it’s better than the alternative.
Steganographic data: 1874/2.0

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