Day 35: Plums and the Salt House

My muse is working from home today, so I spend the day around the house as well, mostly working on the irrigation robots in the yard. Remember I mentioned Plum Day was coming? Check this out. They almost look like bunches of grapes, but they’re massive clusters of ripening plums. When the day comes, we might invite a bunch of the nieces and nephews over and let them help (read: run amok). It’s hot today (92 in the city), so the cats are training for the day when synchronized napping becomes an olympic event. Late at night it’s still 82 … Continue reading Day 35: Plums and the Salt House

Day 34: Monorail Porn

We start the day by kicking up a smoked salmon scramble with fried capers. Plenty of energy for what’s to come. I got to go into work with Kris today. The posters for his show are six stories tall. On the left is the main entrance, on the right, Kris stands in a training room (tightly cropped to respect the show’s secrets). Request #1: Right, monorails! Who am I to turn down a request for a photo shoot? Some of you are familiar with Mr. H, who wanted to know, more than anything, if I had ridden the Las Vegas … Continue reading Day 34: Monorail Porn

Day 33: Sorcery and G-Forces

I start the morning off by making us a huge stack of chocolate chip pancakes, and a few blueberry as well. One great thing about Las Vegas, when you fill out a form (medical, apartment rental, whatever) you can put “Circus Performer” as your occupation and no one’s even surprised. My muse, backstage with Kris on a recent visit We spend part of the day planning a future act for him. He’s got some fantastic ideas. Any time Kris is performing, he’s also working on the next thing, because he’s smart. During development of his current act, I got a … Continue reading Day 33: Sorcery and G-Forces

Day 32: Acrobats, Ink and Heat

I get off the plane in Las Vegas, and the cabbie’s thermometer says 114°. I suspect it’s exaggerating; with the wind chill, it barely feels over 105. New stuff is being built here, always. Between 1pm and 5pm, I spent a lot of time ███████ ██████ and ████████ frozen ████████ and trying to stay ███ ██ ███ ████, but a nice pair of 4’s, split and then doubled, were kind enough to pay for my lunch. It just means I owe them for next time, really. This city is much more fun when you bring a muse with you. My … Continue reading Day 32: Acrobats, Ink and Heat

Day 31: Planets and Light Bulbs

Today I found out that you can have a cruddy day-where-nothing-goes-right even when you’re not at work. I tried to do a bunch of things, and was thwarted in every single one. Grr. After a few hours, just to get back in control, I headed home and started fixing things. Just everything. Light bulbs, paint, garden sprinklers, bills, dishes, whatever looked unthwartable. That was the turning point. After that, even things which had gone wrong earlier started resolving themselves. I didn’t take any pictures hardware stores and light bulbs (you’re welcome), so here are some more telescope pictures. The cat … Continue reading Day 31: Planets and Light Bulbs

Day 30: A month already!

Day 30? That can’t be right. Yikes, I’ve been away from work for a month already. One of my goals was to answer the question “Someday when it’s time for me to retire, will I be bored?” I think I’ve got my answer. In the morning, we head to the Renner Gallery, because my muse hasn’t seen it yet. Huge prints of guys who look like Greek statues… somehow she’s managing to enjoy it. After that, we head down the coast to one of my favorite hidden places. I lived in Half Moon Bay for years. If you’re looking for … Continue reading Day 30: A month already!

Day 29: Summer Tarts

My muse is going to take a week off around July 4th, so the first thing we do today is plan an escape. By “plan” I mean that we find a place on the map neither of us has ever been, and decide to figure the rest out as it comes. Speaking of figuring things out as we go, she wants to make a summer dinner for friends tonight. No argument from me, I’ll help. Did I mention she’s the best cook I’ve ever met? We text some acrobat-friends to see if they’re hungry, and it’s all set. The last … Continue reading Day 29: Summer Tarts

Day 28: A Few Not-so-easy Pieces

The drive back to SF is quick and easy. Old Feynman lectures are a lot funnier than you’d think. They’re much better to listen to than to read; his irreverent attitude comes across like a playful punch in the nose. Don’t try to listen to him when you’ve got passengers, though. It’s kind of a solo thing. My muse is working at home today, so I get to see her in the early afternoon, right when she’s ready to take a break. She welcomes the distraction, and the stories. Some quiet relax-time together and dinner at Buckhorn makes me a … Continue reading Day 28: A Few Not-so-easy Pieces

Day 27: Try the other wire (beep)

Time for some aircraft fun. Today’s goal is to sort out the wiring for all of the avionics, and figure out where the wires are actually going to run inside the plane. It’s going to be a long day, and we know we’ll forget to eat lunch, so we go to Dinah’s for a huge breakfast. When you open the garage at my brother’s house, this is what you see. As you might expect, the kids in the neighborhood love it. Bethany’s having a party at the house tonight, so the first thing we do is put the engine cowling … Continue reading Day 27: Try the other wire (beep)

Day 26: Gravity Boys

When my muse leaves for work, I get on the highway. These propellors help keep the Earth’s rotation from slowing over time. It takes hundreds of them to do the job. It’s a 6-hour drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles, but it’s easy. Roll the windows down, crank up the music, and you’re there. First stop in Pasadena is to see my grandmother. Gram has been reading this blog every day, and it’s got her in a mood to tell fun stories. During my visit, she drops hints about some mischief in 1931, which apparently made the papers. I’ve … Continue reading Day 26: Gravity Boys