Day 43: The Approximate Weight of an Angel

The beautiful Palace of Fine Arts, designed by Bernard Maybeck in 1915, is being renovated.

The scaffolding alone is a complex and impressive structure. During the renovation, the site is closed for safety reasons. You can’t even get close to it without a hard hat and an escort.

So this morning, we’ve got hard hats and escorts.

says that one of the things he needed to do for the project was to calculate the weight of the concrete angels under the dome.

Having these two as guides is excellent. Jan Berckefeldt is the executive director of the Maybeck foundation, and the driving force behind the restoration. Charlie Duncan is the architect leading this impressive project.

Does this remind you of Donkey Kong? You can zoom in on this map and read it.

In the evening, we head to David and Julie‘s house for an excellent dinner with great stories. They’re both scientists and teachers, and as it turns out, classmates of my muse. A fantastic evening to end a fun day.

The wine was a very special treat, made and bottled by David’s father. It’s excellent.

Random assertion: Immortality is elusive, but architects get closer to it than most.

Steganographic data: 1866/2.8

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