Day 42: Voices of Power

Today began with a permanent camera malfunction.

The cute term it chose to display was [LENS ERROR] which apparently is a camera-language euphemism for “aren’t you glad I’m not an airplane.”

Broken camera in hand, I headed to meet up with some ultra-smart colleagues I haven’t seen in a while. When Leslie, Jeff and John join forces, they can solve serious problems. Or cause them. Leslie handed me a secret object which I agreed to take care of and keep well hidden.

There’s a lot happening soon (theatre, acrobatics, secret mission on a tropical island, the usual), so I made sure to solve the camera issue quickly.

Remember the pictures of the opera house when it was closed? Here’s what it looks like tonight:

Anne is beyond awesome. All of the tables are full at intermission, but she had sneakily set aside a small table for the two of us, and filled it with excellent munchies and chocolate. What will we do when she moves to New York?

The opera is Ariodante, and it’s fantastic. Handel’s stories are very simplistic, but the gorgeous Susan Graham and Ruth Ann Swenson have voices of power. To say that they can sing is like saying that the sun can emit light. Their voices bathe the entire audience, making them smile and cry.

My muse’s maiden name is the same as Ms. Graham’s, and she claims that’s a coincidence, but winks at the same time.

Random assertion: Electronic devices will start with whatever personality you give them, and then add whimsy and mischief.

Steganographic data: 1842/7.2

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