Day 40: Set in Cement

Today Nick and I went for some spicy ceviche at Fresca. He’s one of those rare inventors who actually does use his powers for good. We worked together for more than a decade, and today’s discussion is all about secret plans. He’s got some good ones.

Sure he looks like a rockstar here, but just ask him for a logic puzzle. You’ll be trying to solve it for weeks.

Afterward, I had a bunch of places to go, so I walked to all of them. Here are some semi-random observations during the walk:

City College of SF’s new building is cool.

There’s a patch of new cement in the sidewalk where it looks like two people had a permanent-art contest before it dried. Very clever.

I have not eaten here, but I like their sign.

Borderlands, home of the famous Ripley, is one of my destinations today.

Tonight is flying trapeze. Usually there’s at least one other guy flying, but tonight it’s just Shannon, Miriam, Janice, Laurel, Nicole and me. Hooray for times like this.

This is the view from the takeoff point as Miriam flies.

Scott’s catching, Jennings is on lines, and Erick’s on the board helping with one of the flyers who is here for the first time ever. It’s a really good night.

Random assertion: Being upside down and airborne for a few hours can help you make sense of other things in life.

Steganographic data: 1856/3.8

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