Day 39: Stunts in a Dress

Today was spent writing (trying to make headway on a cryptography project).

In the afternoon, I had a great conversation over lunch with a filmmaking/software engineering/saber-combat expert I’ve known for ten years or more. I’m sure she spends her nights crime-fighting, but she never admits it.

Amit doesn’t look dangerous, does she? Right.

Ready for some wacky fun?

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a stunt job audition. I didn’t get that job, so here are some pics and video from some stunt work I did a few years ago, dressed as a hotel maid.

The job involved a mechanical fly and several real ones. None were harmed.

This was a commercial for Ramada Inn, where a maid employs superhero ninja tactics to catch a fly. I was her stunt double.

The crew was fantastic to work with; the director was awesome, the wardrobe folks expertly transformed me into a woman (not an easy task!), and the stunt coordinator, Rocky Capella, did a brilliant job setting up the stunts, and throwing in crash-mats to keep me from getting hurt.

You can see a short clip of the video here.

…so I did this job just before I started dating my muse. I forget, which date is it okay to discuss professional cross-dressing?

Dinner tonight with my muse was excellent takeout from Tao Cafe. Their clay pot fish is spicy and good.

Random assertion: If someone offers to pay you for doing flips in a maid outfit, “yes” is the only answer which makes any sense; it’s not the kind of offer which is likely to come again.

Steganographic data: 1872/2.8

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