Day 38: Too Much Excellent Music

Thanks to Kathy in Mountain View, I’ve added a new artist to my collection of musicians who have been denied entry to the United States.

  • Boy George, welcome to the club! It’s an honor to add you to it.

…and I’ve also posted a whole Music List page so you don’t have to go hunting through my blog entries. I might do the same thing with restaurants soon.

The very excellent San Francisco Opera is currently performing Das Rheingold, and my muse and I are going to Ariodante this weekend.

Here’s something most of us don’t usually get to see: the inside of the War Memorial Opera House and Davies Symphony Hall when they’re closed and empty.

Both of these buildings are just beautiful. Getting into them during off-hours is much easier with inside help. Thanks Melissa!

We sat for a while and listened to the orchestra rehearse. That was an excellent treat.

Random assertion: Every person on Earth has an opera written just for them. There’s no telling which it is, but they’ll know it when they hear it.

Steganographic data: 1868/7.1

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