Day 35: Plums and the Salt House

My muse is working from home today, so I spend the day around the house as well, mostly working on the irrigation robots in the yard.

Remember I mentioned Plum Day was coming? Check this out.

They almost look like bunches of grapes, but they’re massive clusters of ripening plums.

When the day comes, we might invite a bunch of the nieces and nephews over and let them help (read: run amok).

It’s hot today (92 in the city), so the cats are training for the day when synchronized napping becomes an olympic event.

Late at night it’s still 82 degrees, so we head to Salt House. Not for dinner (though their food is awesome), just drinks and little cold dessert, and so my muse can flirt with Rory, the bartender. He takes good care of us.

Random assertion: The three all-time greatest inventions of mankind might be fire, penicillin, and minimalist summertime fashions. Hooray for all three.

Steganographic data: 1868/1.4

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