Day 32: Acrobats, Ink and Heat

I get off the plane in Las Vegas, and the cabbie’s thermometer says 114°. I suspect it’s exaggerating; with the wind chill, it barely feels over 105.

New stuff is being built here, always.

Between 1pm and 5pm, I spent a lot of time ███████ ██████ and ████████ frozen ████████ and trying to stay ███ ██ ███ ████, but a nice pair of 4’s, split and then doubled, were kind enough to pay for my lunch.

It just means I owe them for next time, really. This city is much more fun when you bring a muse with you.

My brother Kris is an acrobat performing for Cirque here in Las Vegas. He’s got a few days off, so I came out to play in his city, and hang out.

I meet up with Kris at a tattoo studio. Charlie runs the place (with his whole family helping), and he does excellent work. I particularly like the family portrait on their website.

Charlie and Kris and I found a local burger place.

We spend the afternoon catching up, and late at night, we make a sushi run. I’m skeptical about finding good sushi in the desert, but Kris is right. This little place is excellent. Friendly sushi chefs, and really good toro and uni.

Random assertion: Cards will lend you money sometimes, but the interest rate is not good.

Steganographic data: 1854/7.2

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