Day 31: Planets and Light Bulbs

Today I found out that you can have a cruddy day-where-nothing-goes-right even when you’re not at work.

I tried to do a bunch of things, and was thwarted in every single one. Grr. After a few hours, just to get back in control, I headed home and started fixing things. Just everything. Light bulbs, paint, garden sprinklers, bills, dishes, whatever looked unthwartable.

That was the turning point. After that, even things which had gone wrong earlier started resolving themselves.

I didn’t take any pictures hardware stores and light bulbs (you’re welcome), so here are some more telescope pictures.

The cat likes astronomy too, if it doesn’t interrupt his nap.

These were taken last year, with the same telescope (gift from my muse). They were shot from the middle of San Francisco on a clear night. This was my first attempt at capturing a planet:

…and then I refined & improved for the second attempt a few months later…

…and then the big guy.

Tomorrow: Off to Vegas.

Random assertion: You can do anything, as long as you choose the right thing.

Steganographic data: 1840/4.8

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