Day 30: A month already!

Day 30? That can’t be right. Yikes, I’ve been away from work for a month already. One of my goals was to answer the question “Someday when it’s time for me to retire, will I be bored?” I think I’ve got my answer.

In the morning, we head to the Renner Gallery, because my muse hasn’t seen it yet. Huge prints of guys who look like Greek statues… somehow she’s managing to enjoy it.

After that, we head down the coast to one of my favorite hidden places.

I lived in Half Moon Bay for years. If you’re looking for an amazing selection of plants, a good setting, and friendly people, find your way to the Half Moon Bay Nursery.

If you want to see everything, plan to spend the day here.

The owners often play opera music for the inside plants.
As fas as I can tell, they don’t mind.

We pick up some day lilies and a bunch of herbs, and head home to spend some time in the yard.

It’s some good together-at-home time before what’s going to be an ultra-busy week. Afterward we take what’s left of last night’s tasty dinner, and get crazy-loud watching the basketball game. Lakers: Whew.

Random assertion: If you spend a lot of time developing a very advanced, durable, lightweight, solar powered self-replicating machine, you might end up with something which looks a lot like a plant.

Steganographic data: 1846/4.4

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