Day 24: Plums and Paradox

Today I spent some time with a photographer and philosopher named Gary.

We held detailed discussion of time and space and personality and causality and quantum mechanics and free will at Café Claude. This place is perfectly hidden, and has excellent food and live music. If you’re up to no good, it’s just what you’re looking for.

We talked more while walking through the city.

I’m strangely attracted to this sculpture.

It’s not clear whether the parking restrictions on this sign still apply.

At home afterward, some digging in the dirt gave me a chance to think about what Gary and I had discussed.

In a few weeks, “Plum Day” will be upon us. This plum tree is a lot older than I am.

The plums are golden and sweet, but they usually all ripen on the same day. We don’t get to decide when it happens, it just does.

Last year, the brunette and I made 80 pints of tasty jam from this tree.

For dinner we walk to Fattoush, super-friendly and very very tasty. The owner is great fun to talk to, and he has big plans.

Random assertion: A paradox isn’t some “impossible occurrence which will destroy the universe when it happens.” A paradox is an indication that you’ve got the wrong model for something entirely. For example, paradoxes “caused” by time travel are nothing to be afraid of; they’re a friendly hint that we’re wrong about the shape of time. Maybe time has no forward direction at all. Maybe we made that up.

Steganographic data: 1868/4.3

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