Day 21: Desk with a View

I found another desk today. Not as quiet, but private and very friendly. This is the café at the top of the Virgin record store. The floor-to-ceiling windows are located 40 feet above Market & 4th, which makes for a fun view.

…then more reading in the park.

You may know this already: If you want some good casual food, the Westfield Centre in SF has a whole bunch of places in the basement which are actually very tasty. This building has a few other surprises as well, including some university classrooms (my muse is taking a Mandarin class here).

The building also has a huge beautiful glass dome. (You should look at this link. It’s pretty, and it makes the next few pictures more interesting.)

Here’s the same dome, as seen from the roof of the building.

They could really use a few gargoyles up here.

I should mention here that I have found the Westfield security staff to be courteous, professional, prompt, and very observant. The 8th floor is strictly off limits. Interestingly, the roof is technically not.

Shannon, Christine, the muse and I get together the first Friday of every month to make trouble and catch up. The whole “what’s on the roof” excursion was actually their idea, I swear. Tonight is tapas at Esperpento. Their grilled artichoke is really something special. I’ve tried to replicate it, with very limited success.

Random assertion: Sometimes you just don’t know what’s off limits until you’ve been there.

Steganographic data: 1876/7.2

4 thoughts on “Day 21: Desk with a View

  1. Your courteous security reminds me of some similarly courteous (albeit less observant) security I met when I was a teenager. They kindly returned the eyeglasses I had dropped in a hot tub at a water park the previous day. As I was leaving they politely noticed that the park had been closed for the season for two weeks. Oops.

  2. Voluntary groups generally exist because people perceive a need and work together to bring about change, or provide a service, for the benefit of the the community.

    Secret Plan Suggestion 1: put together a group of individuals who will work together to undertake certain activities for the benefit of the community- namely, increasing the amount of gargoyles on roof tops in SF.

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