Day 20: Strong Friendships and a Mystery Woman

I tried to pay for my tasty lox bagel this morning, but was thwarted. “The young lady in line before you took care of it.” I looked around, but she was already gone.

(I can’t even describe the positive impact you had on the rest of my day. Thanks for that.)

First thing this morning is an audition for a stunt job. For this one, they’re looking for a businessman-type guy with trampoline skills. (Trampoline: cool. Businessman: ouch, is that what I look like?)

This is the outside of the very nice studio.
Inside, there are real photographers, so it’s not cool to shoot pictures.

When I get there, Jennings and Michael (two of my long-time friends with special skills) are there already. Watching them launch themselves through the air for the camera, I realize that this is a level of “quality time with friends” I really enjoy.

One note about stunt work: There are a hundred reasons you can miss getting the job. Wrong face, wrong height, wrong skills, you name it. “Didn’t try hard enough” isn’t one of them. Everyone who shows up is in it for real. That’s how it works, and that’s what makes these friendships great.

This attitude is also one of the qualities I’m most attracted to in my muse.

After that, I drop in unexpectedly to spend time with a bunch of my best friends during a very difficult day. Benjamin Franklin provides clarity: “We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

I’m proud of you guys.

In the evening, I’ve got the good fortune of attending a small book signing in the city. It’s crowded, and the author’s kept very busy talking to friends who showed up. Still, she finds time to chat and sign my copy.

It’s an excellent sunset tonight.

Here’s what the moon looks like tonight, through a small telescope with the wind shaking it:

Here’s the moon on another night, through the same small telescope, but with no wind:

The moon and the telescope are both gifts from my muse.

Random assertion: There is nothing more valuable than a genuine surprise.

Steganographic data: 1872/3.4

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