Day 17: Acrobats and Puzzles

If you want to see some live acrobat performances, the Circus Center’s most talented students will be performing in two different shows in June.

Kids are welcome, and you can get tickets and information here.

Today I met up with one of those good friends you can learn a lot from. Dave Litwin is an acrobat (you expected that) and an inventor (you might have guessed that too), but his serious superpower is this: He finds solutions, very very quickly.

This wiseguy can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under a minute while carrying on a conversation, and less than 30 seconds if he’s Focused. Last year, he started teaching me how to solve them. I’m not fast, but he’s working on me.

This is a small part of Dave’s collection

He also invents puzzles, and builds them at the TechShop. You can actually order a handmade puzzle from him. After lunch, he showed me a prototype of a new one he’s working on.

In 1991, Dave and I built a computer together, but that’s another story.

Random assertion: Focus (with a capital “F”), is a gift which allows a person to dedicate every breath and motion to a single task. It can be used to accomplish astounding things, but carefully. As with any tool, it wants to rule the user.

Steganographic data: 1876/3.2

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