Day 16: Pelicans and Snakes

Right under the Golden Gate Bridge is Fort Point, a defense station which dates back to the Civil War. On a day like today, it seems like a great place to be stationed.

Pelicans have a cool prehistoric look.

We were very careful not to be eaten by this vehicle.

After playing by the bay with Ashley and Alex (our heavy-machinery expert), my muse and I went for a walk on the 3.5-mile trail around a radiotelescope in Palo Alto known as the Stanford Dish.

This snake is about 6 feet long, lazy and happy. There’s plenty to eat here.

You can find some fantastic photos taken in this area by Robert Siegel here.

Something I forgot to mention about golf… If you want to really enjoy learning, it helps to find a good-looking instructor.

Yes it does.

Random assertion: When it comes to bold, efficient, enduring design, it’s hard to beat sharks, spiders and snakes.

Steganographic data: 1870/4.6

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