Day 12: No Distractions

After an excellent sunrise in the city…

…the sky clouded over, and it looked like it might rain. Aha! Cool. Finally time to get some heads-down work done. No beautiful weather, no buried ships, no distractions.

I take care of a few things first, and just as I’m about to get started, I see the weather’s beautiful again. I really need to get some computer-work done, so without allowing myself to be distracted at all, I waste no time and head straight to the beach.

Pillar Point hides some excellent secrets, but I’m not equipped for exploring today. There are some pretty good non-secret beaches as well, perfect for bringing a book and a towel and forgetting the computer.

On the way back, I stopped to quietly photograph this completely normal and uninteresting patch of dirt.

Wednesday is usually flying trapeze, but tonight I attended the screening of a horrible movie instead. I’d mention the title here, but I can’t get myself to type it without smashing my head on the keyboard.

I got home late, but my muse got home later. She had a meeting after work with Alex, a young good-looking heavy-machinery expert in Palo Alto.

Random assertion: If you want an intelligent woman to tackle you, cook for her. And be on a first-name basis with your florist. As far as I can tell, these things work.

Steganographic data: 1874/1.5

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