Day 8,9,10: A hiding place near The Red House

A critical part of disappearing is finding an out-of-sight location where you enjoy spending time. This goes double when there’s a brunette hiding with you.

With that in mind, we throw stuff into the car…

  • a few good books
  • swimsuits
  • a nice dinner dress and a tuxedo (not kidding)

…and head South to one of the few truly perfect places on Earth.

First, we cut through Los Gatos, to make a stop at Fleur de Cocoa. Pascal and Nicola (the owners) are friends of ours. Just before starting their business, Pascal made our wedding cake. It was so good that we visit them every year to pick up a mini version of the same cake, for special occasions like this.

Pascal is a magician

Cake acquired, we drive out to the coast and follow it down to that perfect place. Here’s how to get there:

  • Keep going, past Santa Cruz, past Monterey.
  • When you see cars turning right toward the beautiful Carmel beaches, ignore them and keep going.
  • Another half mile or so, turn left, away from the ocean.

After eight or ten miles of winding roads through the long valley, when you think you’ve gone too far and there’s a mile or more between buildings, stop and look around. You’re there.

No way to be followed, no way to be found. Artichokes grow eight feet high, and you can have them grilled up for lunch.

This is Ingrid’s vinyard, which produces some of the most fantastic wine in the region.

If you want to unwind over a very elegant dinner, Marinus is what you’re looking for. There’s a roaring fire, the food is brilliant, and the staff is in a league of their own. You guessed it; this is where the dress and tux come out. (It’s not required, but it’s fun.)

If you want to stay out of sight, and you love science and nature, you can’t beat the Outer Bay exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium on Memorial Day weekend.

Note: Don’t wait in the hour-long holiday line, head straight for the member’s entrance. Membership doesn’t cost much more than admission, and you can walk right in.

The Outer Bay exhibit is a perfect place to hide out. It’s dark, crowded, beautiful, and nobody can see where your hands are.

That last part got me into some trouble.

Then on to the Red House in Pacific Grove for the best grilled cheese sandwich on Earth (this from an expert). Artichokes, peppers, and melty perfection. This sandwich played no small part in our decision to hide out here.

Sue gets a massage while I sit with a cup of tea and read an excellent math book and an excellent zombies-take-over-the-world book.

The next day was gorgeous, and we stop on the drive back to see our niece and nephew. It’s his 11th birthday, so we brought him his very first soldering iron, and a project to build.

After being pummeled by monkeys, it’s back home for some pizza and beer, at a place where she can see the score of the basketball game.

Random assertion: It is vital that we take care of our environment, if we want to survive. That’s not the same as “saving the planet” though. The planet is going to be fine; in 30 or 40 million years, you won’t even be able to tell we were here.

Steganographic data: 1904/2.2

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