Day 7: Change of Pace

Here’s something you didn’t expect to think about today… an electric razor. This happens to be my electric razor, and it works just fine.

Right, so let’s take a closer look at the little tag on the power cord.

Now I’m not saying that this tag’s not needed; clearly it is, or Norelco wouldn’t to go to the trouble of printing this important message and attaching little plastic tags to each and every razor as it goes through the factory.

I’m just thinking that “cut with scissors” is about as likely as “smash with hammer,” and you shouldn’t do that either, but there’s no sticker for it. Maybe the need for a specific “don’t cut with scissors” sticker is pointing out some secondary problem which will cause us even more trouble later, if we don’t identify it now.

Today’s plan is quiet time with a book and some projects at home.

…and a walk to Ti Couz on 16th & Valencia for lunch. At lunchtime, that place can relax anyone. The food’s simple, but really good.

Thought seriously about hitting the midnight showing of The Dark Crystal at the Clay Theatre, but it’s running all weekend, so maybe I can rally a group. That’d be more fun.

Random assertion: End… beginning… all the same. Big change. – Aughra

Steganographic data: 1882/4.3

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