Day 2: Hats, Whips and Oysters

Morning: Hats & Whips First thing in the morning, I went to a screening of our company’s new movie. When the theater is full of your friends watching their hard work on the big screen, cheering out loud comes naturally.

The morning muni train on the way to the movie was packed. People in Batman costumes, fishnet stockings, and what looked like Dr. Seuss brand headwear. Hooray for Bay to Breakers. The world is truly a good place.

Afternoon: Music & Food After the movie, I wandered over to the SF OysterFest and had some tasty bivalves. When I got there, some crazed girl jumped on my back and I couldn’t shake her off. That’d be Katy:

We’ve been good friends since about age 10.

Night: Home cookin’ Afterward, Shannon and Christine took me in for dinner. My contribution was some really good burrata. (Christine’s a fantastic cook, and Shannon and I have much to discuss, always.)

Random Assertion: I’m pretty sure that if you translate birdsong into human language you’ll learn new swear words. If you watch them sing, you can totally tell that’s what’s up. (Puns about fowl language will not be tolerated.)
Lessons learned: Sunblock only works if you wear it. Short blog entries are much quicker to write than long ones.

Steganographic data: 1922/2.0

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